Photo from the Tulsa Tribune August 1, 1973

The following is a collection of photos that were taken for promotional purposes before the ride opened in August 1973. (Courtesy of Kyle J. Wood)

The Deminishing Squares
These were replaced by the ascending bang doors with the circular cutouts. (The standing individual is Robert Bell Sr.)

The first dip
The object at the top of the photo is the grim reaper.

Note the word "Tulsa" inscribed on his cloak.

Another couple on the first dip

The psychedelic room
Note the original spinning wheel and the tin foil walls.

The second dip (exterior)

The falling timbers in the mine shaft

The mirrored hallway

The spinning barrel
Note the factory painted cobblestone design on the interior.

Also note the wooden railings which were designed to keep riders away from the spinning walls. These rails were eventually removed so that the interior could be more easily painted.

The water curtain
This trick was selected by Bell's in favor of a "Pit of Rats" trick which was also offered by the manufacturers.

In this newspaper clipping the grim reaper looks down upon a papa werewolf and his cubs. (One dons a Casper the Friendly Ghost costume)