The Phantasmagoria just before its debut in 1973(photo courtesy of Kyle J. Wood)

The Phantasmagoria was a dark ride located in Bell's Amusement Park of Tulsa, Oklahoma which operated for more than 30 years. This site is a one-stop archive of information, media, and memories related to the haunted attraction.

Opened: July 1973
Demolished: June 19, 2007
Number of levels: 2
Number of tricks: 23
Duration: approx. 5 minutes
Created by: a collaboration between Bill Tracy and the Bell family

01. The spinning eyes (exterior)
02. The lunging dog (exterior)
03. Three ascending bang doors with circular cuts (originally diminishing squares)
04. Guard dog sign/barking audio
05. Dip #1
06. Grim Reaper (originally hung above the dip in the long corridor)
07. Skeleton in the graveyard
08. Singing skulls
09. Buzzard in the nest
10. The psychedelic room (aka tinfoil or strobe room)
11. Skull faced "lady of the night"
12. The witches head
13. Dip #2 (originally exterior)
14. Collapsing mine shaft (aka Falling Timbers)
15. The Skull Pond with rattling floorboards
16. Cloaked skeleton lady in front of shingles
17. The giant rat
18. Rotating naked/bikini woman
19. Skeleton in a noose
20. The bus (formerly the tilted room where water ran uphill)
21. The mirrored hallway
22. The spinning tunnel
23. The bat cave with water curtain

-All of the 'bang doors' close solely by the power of gravity.
-There were nearly as many smoke detectors as there are spooks in the ride.
-No fire ever occurred in the ride's history.
-Items commonly discarded in ride: Stuffed animals, hats, litter, cigarette butts, ladies undergarment, feminine products, condom wrappers
-Common means of mischief: Getting out of car, vandalism, making out, occasional stink bombs.

1998 aerial view
(courtesy of Kyle J. Wood)

satellite view circa 2005